Last updated on 9 March 2002

Quick info

This time server is no longer operational. Information below is purely for archival/historical relevance.

This time server is only meant for distribution of time to secondary servers. In other words, if you get your time here, you must be willing to make your time-server available to other parties. With the formalities over, here are the vital stats on the server:

Our time server obtains its timing information from the GPS Navstar Satellite constellation which in turn obtains its time refference from the USNO Master Clock (a conglomeration of about 50 HP Ceasium beam and 9 Sigma Tau Hydrogen Maser clocks in a single vault). The GPS receiver is typically synchronised to within 100 ns (r.m.s.) of the USNO Master Clock and our time server is synchronized to within 1 Ás of the GPS receiver.

Click here for a plot over a 48 hour period of the positioning information from the time server's GPS receiver. The samples were taken at 60-second intervals.

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