Local (SA) NTP Time Server

I am pleased to announce the availability of a local stratum 1 time server.

The machine is tick.mikom.csir.co.za ( and it is an
486DX2-66MHz running FreeBSD 2.2-current and xntpd 3.4e. It is getting
its time from a GPS, so it should be fairly accurate and stable. (Better
than 1ms.)

The service is available to everyone, preferably South African sites. If
you are using this server regularly please send me some email so that
I can get an idea how popular/usefull it is.

PLEASE NOTE: While the hardware and internet connectivity is provided
by Mikomtek, CSIR, it is NOT an official CSIR project. So you can't
complain to them if it isn't working. (I do this in my own time.)

Questions, comments and ideas welcome.

John Hay